Booking Dexter Payne, Downbeat poll-winning clarinetist:

Dexter is available for musical engagements
with exceptional groups, in different genres and configurations. 
Clarinet, sax, harmonica

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POBox 4104
Boulder, CO 80306

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Dexter Payne Quartet + One
Marrakech Express

Moussa Konaté & the Lost Tribe
Meg York & Veelah
photo by James RoderickDexter Payne Quintet
photo by
                    James Roderick

A group whose sound ranges from that of a classical quartet to a samba-funk or forro dance groove, 
focused on the Brasilian choro, baiao & xote traditions.

The Dexter Payne Quartet +1 has performed their unique Brazilian mix to enthusiastic audiences at venues and festivals in Colorado since 2005, and their live
performances on KUVO and KGNU are still aired on various shows. Dexter Payne, who has performed in 11 countries in Latin America with recordings in
Brazil and Mexico, was voted a top 10 clarinetist in Downbeat Readers Poll for 2004 & 2006. Bill Kopper is arguably the top guitarist in the front range (Eric
Deutsch, Billy Toles, Bob Montgomery, Rene Marie, Ginga.) Raoul Rossiter is one of the most in demand drummers in the area (Hamster Theater, Fred Wesley
Tina Marks, Lois LaFond).  Dave Willey is a musical treasure, composer, producer and accordionist (Hamster Theater, Thinking Plague - bands unknown
here but in demand in Europe, where he is also in demand as a producer.) Performed consistently in Boulder for over 4 years.
Victor Mestas Pérez has
performed, recorded and arranged for the very best national and touring acts in Venezuela, including his work on Latin Grammy winning Ilan

Sampa - live video preview of new CD

Listen to  the Quartet LIVE! At KUVO and Dazzle Supper Club:

1 Coração Latino A. Mello (Clean Slate BMI)    4:36
2 Doce de Coco J. Bittencoourt 5:55
3 Cochichando K-Ximbinho 5:46
4 Feel Good T. de Mello (Gau Music BMI) 6:37
5 Pagão/Assanhado Pixingunha/Bittencourt 1:13
6 Bijoux's intro/Pra Voce S. Araujo 1:49
7 O Morro/Guanabara   Jobim/D. Salvador 1;57
Dexter Payne Quintet (Quartet +1)

New video of Dexter Payne Quartet +1 : Playground by Nelson Faria

was recognized nationally in 2006 in the 69th Annual Downbeat Readers Poll as a top clarinetist:  #8 in the company
of players like Don Byron, Paquito de Rivera, Alvin Batiste. With over 30 years of professional experience including
the NBC Today Show and Prairie Home Companion, Dexter effortlessly and reliably generates musical pleasure,
always informative and entertaining.

Bill Kopper
is an amazing guitarist, first call for jazz and studio and arranging work as well as classical. Bill lived in Madrid playing
with world-class Brasilian musicians and has 2 CDs released under his own name. His high standard and love for
Brasilian music are central to the quartet.

Dave Willey
well known in music circles for his improvisational genius, he is the leader/composer for Hamster Theatre, cheif instigator of Ligia Mare and bassist for Thinking Plague - bands unknown here at home that are actually in demand for touring in Europe.
Raoul Rossiter
is an exceptional percussionist and drummer. His fluency in the Brasilian percussive art enhance his ability to open
up the music, and the earth's energy flows in.

Now adding Victor Mestas Pérez
Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, has been the endorsment artist for YAMAHA musical products in Venezuela since 2001. Pianist/arranger/producer for more than 80 recordings by national and internationally renowned artists, he earned a Latin Grammy Award in 2010 with the Venezuelan songwriter Ilan.

Download Dexter Payne Quintet presskit

Moroccan, Algerian, Andalusian traditions plus originals with
Yesfi el Samir (a.k.a. Tito Malaga) - oud & guitar
Anthony Salvo - violin
Brett Bowen - percussion
Dexter Payne - clarinet

Meg's clarinet/sax lead an exciting ensemble in the gypsy/balkan brass band style including Jesse Mano, Dave Willey,
Brian Mullins, Dexter Payne
and special guest James Hoskins. Hear our CD Village Squared on CD Baby. Call 303.604.2040

Dexter shares his love of Brasilian choro with Dave Horgan and Beth Lo, long-time compatriots of the Big Sky Mudflaps.
Their many years of colaboration make this a pleasing and exciting group. Call 303.604.2040 or 406.543.7966

MOUSSA KONATE & the Lost Tribe

Moussa Konaté carries a long and rich tradition from his homeland in Mali, W. Africa. That tradition gives life to his original music,
and rich color to his interpretation of the works of others.

Moussa Konaté Sampler


Beco do Choro is:
Kailin Yong
violin, vocals, and percussion
Dexter Payne – clarinet, saxophones, vocals, and percussion
Francisco Marques – guitar, cavaquinho, vocals, and percussion
João Junqueira – guitar, vocals, and percussion

Listen to Beco Do Choro:
1. Noites Cariocas
2. Eu Só Quéro Um Xodó
3. Aquarella do Brasil

Click here for Beco Do Choro


Django inspired "gypsy jazz" at its best, featuring:

Adam Auriemmo - guitar
Sam Fuqua - bass
Dexter Payne - clarinet
Dave Willey - accordion

1. Puttin on the Ritz
2. J'attandrei